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Welcome to the Digital Revolution in HR. We are India's premier HRMS solution provider. If you are still applying your leave on paper, then just call us or just drop a mail to support@hrmagic.net for testing our product. Applying, approving and accounting leave is now just a child's play. It's absolutely hassle-free.  If you can't differentiate (stars) performers from non-performers (deadwoods) in your organization, we are just a click away.

HRMAGIC HRMS module has features like: Full Featured Employee Database, Online Leave Management (Virtual Time Office), Online Performance Management (e-PMS) with fully loaded features of defining Key Result Areas (KRAs), Mapping Competencies, Getting Value Actualization scores, Potential Appraisal. It is a wonderful tool in managing task with our Task Manager feature. Our Training & Development Module has features like capturing training and development needs (e-TNA), planned intervention, Faculty/ institution database,  Enrolling employees for training, Online employee feedback etc are all features of HRMAGIC HRMS.

What's more, it has got Knowledge Management (KM) setup, Online employee feedback, suggestion system, other HRD interventions like Thank you slips, Reward and Recognition module, mentoring module etc…

Everything 100% web based. It is highly user friendly with Employee Self Services feature. Moreover, there is nothing to install in your system. We will host your HRMS application from our website. You need not even bother for its backup, applications status, virus etc…


HRMAGIC HRMS enables you to formulate and administrator your own PMS (Performance Management System) with online KRA /KPA setting (individual goal setting), mapping generic and functional competency of employees, mapping individual values, potential appraisal along with review and assessment. 

Virtual Time Office

HRMGIC HRMS's Virtual Time Office features Online Leave Application, Real-time Leave Management module, Employee Self Service with Online Leave approval and attendance tracker. Lots of customised reports in HRIS / MIS under magic reports.


Online Task Manager

HRMAGIC Task Manager enables you to assign task, review task online. The task manager tracks event and objectively appraise individual's task.