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As professional HR consultants we understand the role of HR in a growing organization like you. HR functions are a vital support system for any organization that aims at increasing productivity of their employees, alluring right talents; maximize effectiveness of their product or services and saving time and money after avoidable man made work place problems.

You may require our consulting services when

Lack of specialized expertise in the current pool of talents unable to solve a current or future work place problem. The organization lacks the time to do what they could normally do.

If  you believe that employees are vital assets for any organization, then we will surely go for a well written clear cut HR policy for your business entity. Without it some employees may take advantage of it and create time consuming problems. The management may hire or terminate employees with a degree of prejudice attached.


Developing Human Resources  Policy
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Designing Broad HR Strategy
Creating Job Descriptions
Designing Role Bands
and more

We Help in making Policy

Policy on Job description
Policy on Performance Evaluation.
Policy for Induction to Separation.
Policy for Delegation of Authority
Policy for Disciplinary Procedures
and more

HR Strategy

We can help you in
Competency building
System building
Commitment building
Consensus building
Culture building