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Survey and analysis is a process including some procedures that receives feedback from the market and analyze it taking into account both the customer and organizational need. Successful business management requires the ongoing monitoring of performance in order to generate data by which to judge the success or otherwise of specific strategies. Improvement in performance can only be realistically achieved when management is properly informed about current performance. To this end it is important to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will enable management to monitor progress

We perform three kinds of survey

Organizational Survey
Social Survey

We have particular expertise in customer feedback management, customer satisfaction surveys, and questionnaire design for survey projects. We do survey and analyze survey data as well as   We teach clients how to create a survey and perform survey data analysis.

Social surveys study  social  entities (persons, families, business firms, etc.).  The survey data consist of information about each entity in a sample selected from the whole population of such entities.  Each entity in the sample is known as a CASE.

Data are obtained by measuring, observing, asking questions about, various characteristics (height, colour of eyes, voting behaviour, number of children) of the cases in the sample.  The characteristics studied are called VARIABLES and the descriptions of the characteristics for each case.


Organizational Survey

Organisational Surveys we conduct

Organisational Climate Survey
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Organisational Value Survey
Location Attribute Survey
Training Impact Study
Benchmarking Study

Social Survey

Social Surveys we conduct

Baseline Survey for CSR/NGO
Midline Survey for CSR/NGO
Social Expectancy Survey
Community Satisfaction Survey
Societal Need Survey
Final end Term Survey for CSR/NGO


HR Benchmark Study, 2008

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