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When we invest money in anything, we look forward for a return which benefits us. That we call Return on Investment, in short ROI. Same is applicable for training.

To calculate monetary ROI, we identify the total financial benefit your organization draws from a learning program and then subtract from that the total investment made to develop, produce, and deliver that program.

 (Total Benefit - Total Costs) X 100 = ROI
 Total Costs

Total benefits include money saved by the organization, money made, and anything that adds directly or indirectly to the bottom line.

Total costs include : development costs, learner's time away from doing something else, overhead of education department, physical materials, etc. (For instructor-led training this also includes program materials, meals/refreshments, facilities, cost of coordination, cost of job coverage during training, overhead of instructors, and any other cost incurred. Online courses include servers, graphics, web development or CD-production, etc.)

Improvement factors include increased productivity, reduction of waste, and improved employee retention.

Corporate Training

Performance Management
Team Building
Positive Parenting
Positive Attitude
 Work & Human Values
Work-Life Balance
Managerial Effectiveness
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